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Regarding Tomaino

The Diary of a Pirate Reincarnate

Crystal Tomaino
12 June 1986
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I love putting makeup on people.

I hate putting makeup on myself on a daily basis.

I support the fight against breast cancer.

One exclamation point suffices in any situation.

Unless I'm being sarcastic!!!

I try my damn hardest to spell correctly.

i wil use chtspk if i dnt rspct u enuf 2 bthr tryng.

Open relationships are for people who can't keep their legs closed.

I hate my dad.

I'm the oldest of three.

I'm addicted to Bengay.

I don't think you need to ask what my favorite color is.

I love pearls.

I never liked Anime.

I tried to like it. I tried like hell. Give me that much.

I love being colorful.

Chuck Norris isn't that awesome. If I'm wrong, may he roundhouse kick me in the face.

Peggy Hill irritates the hell out of me.

My favorite number is 12.

I went fishing once. The fish was a baby and it was gasping to breath. I cried and threw it back.

I was going to Long Beach City College for three years before I picked a real major.

Hippies are full of themselves.

If I could have a Christmas Tree in my room all year, I would.

I love candles but I'm too clumsy to keep one in my room.

I love the smell of vanilla.

I love my dad.

I enjoy being happy and won't make a point of being otherwise, like so many people do.

I won't date anyone who's in love with someone else. I will be no one's silver medal.

I used to play Wolfenstein. I don't anymore.

I'm the oldest of four if you want to be technical.

I like science fiction. Pretending is awesome.

Sometimes people just won't agree with you. Accept it.

Some people try too hard to be funny.

Don't "brag" about how bad you have it. Everyone's got problems. Stop competing.

Other people try too hard to freak others out.

Some people just have ugly faces. Deal with it, Ugly.

Using the word "retard" as an insult went out in fifth grade.

I want to lose weight but I NEVER want to be skinny.

When I was little my great grandmother was really sick and I prayed to God to let her live at least past Christmas day.

I make the best scrambled eggs ever.

Is it weird that I was kind of attracted to the kid who played Peter Pan?

I miss my footie pajamas.

I'm not ashamed to admit I watch Charmed.

I AM ashamed to admit I used to love NSync.

I hate reality television.

Green is my natural hair color.

My great grandmother died Christmas eve of 1996.

Cutting yourself doesn't make you disturbed or dark or different or troubled or tough. It just makes you look stupid and regret it later.

I love flavored cream cheese.

I'm not cutesie. I've never been cutesie. I'll never be cutesie.

Don't expect me to be cutesie.

I stole a bottle of Crystal Steak Sauce from a restaurant.

I don't believe gratuity should be added into the check.

I'm not a prude, I'm not against public displays of affection, but for christ's sake, there's a limit. Do you need to have your hand down someone's shirt/pants in PUBLIC? It's not - repeat, NOT attractive when you're practically orgasming in front of everyone.

I hate when commercials take a popular song and change one word to make it relate to the product.

Just because you disagree with someone doesn't mean you're arguing with them.

I hate when people back out of debates. It makes me feel cheated.

I hate George Bush.

I also hate John Kerry but I voted for him anyway.

I love politics and religion.

I love disagreeing with people because it leads to longer conversations.

I'm immature.

I don't know if my ears are still pierced.

I do believe in fairies, I do, I do.

Big boobs don't make you sexy.

Being skinny doesn't make you sexy.

Big girls like me can still be sexy but sometimes wearing more makes us sexier. Stop pretending you're skinny. Put on some clothes.

I used to eat pomegranates off my neighbor's tree.

Photoshopping the hell out of your pictures to the point where the subject has no nose does NOT make you a photographer.

I don't believe in ghosts.

I also don't believe in magic, dragons, astral-projection, vampires, werewolves, or witches.

I think scars are ugly, not cool looking, no matter where they are or where they came from or who has them.

I have a passion for oatmeal raisin cookies.