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June 2012  

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Two different shades  
07:58pm 03/06/2012
Crystal Tomaino
I made a mistake! I bought two skeins of yarn that were very similar in color but not quite the same color. I made a using the last of one skein and part of the other, and didn't realize until I was done that there's a patch in the middle of the hat that's a shade lighter. >.<

It's acrylic yarn. Is there any way to fix this? If I buy some red dye will it make it more even? Or can I fade one part of it somehow? I don't want to have to do it all over again!
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(no subject)  
10:39am 02/12/2009
Crystal Tomaino
Workplace shenanigans. Leif, you'll get this.

(Note: Santino has always insisted that Leif and I are having an affair, which of course is absurd.)

Santino: I want to take my niece to see the Mary Poppins play.

Crystal: Tickets are $330 for the Orchestra seating.

Santino: That's the seats I want.

Crystal: You're going to buy two $300 tickets for a play? You have that much money to spare?

Santino: HEY. It's worth it to see the smile on a child's face.

Crystal: What do you consider a child? I'm younger than you. I'll smile for $300.

Santino: Sure, if you admit that you slam Leif at the office.

Crystal: I did NOT... .... ... Okay. Totally. I did. $300 please.

I didn't get my $300. :(


Crystal: Why don't you dictate that to Christina?

Santino: Woah, pervert. This is a workplace.
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08:53am 25/07/2009
Crystal Tomaino
Too much humor for such an early hour. I'd like to point out, though, that it's ten hours later in Israel, where Noam is.

Also, the videos need to be watched. Trust me, you'll be happy you watched them.

Crystal says (8:38AM):
So, I decided that you NEED your green card and you NEED to marry me for it and we NEED to do this at our wedding: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-94JhLEiN0&feature=player_embedded

Crystal says (8:39 AM):
These options are not debatable.

Noam says (8:45 AM):
I disagree with you. Instead, I want someone to do this when he brings the rings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFNTmbtA0X4

Noam says (8:48 AM):
Maybe in Green Lantern fashion, with the Green Lantern Ring

Noam says (8:48 AM):
I can't dance for my life

Crystal says (8:48 AM):

Noam says (8:52 AM):
Oh, and I promise you: even if we use the Superman rutine, I will not be using it to skip on anything

Crystal says (8:52 AM):
I can just imagine us dancing our way to the altar, then you ripping off your tux, running off dressed as superman, and I never see you again.

Noam says (8:52 AM):
Up Up and Oi Vey
Where I'm at My room
How I'm feeling cheerfulcheerful
What I'm listening to Flogging Molly - Every Dog Has His Day
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02:55pm 24/06/2009
Crystal Tomaino
I usually avoid talking about God because it makes a few people uncomfortableCollapse )
Where I'm at Christopher's room.
How I'm feeling calmcalm
What I'm listening to Silence
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07:56pm 03/03/2009
Crystal Tomaino
I'm so frustrated.

I thought I was being discharged today, then they said I'm being discharged tomorrow. But now that the gastrointestinal surgeon has reviewed me, I guess I'm getting actual surgery tomorrow. I can't get him to spend two seconds explaining what kind though.
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06:37am 25/02/2009
Crystal Tomaino
I will be in the hospital at least until Thursday. Maybe Friday.

If you have time, visitors are appreciated. I'm stuck in a bed with little do. I'm at Long Beach Memorial on Atlantic and Spring, room 540.
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04:54pm 25/10/2008
Crystal Tomaino
I think William wants to break up with me. We just had a really big fight which all started with just a misunderstanding but he refused to accept that it was a misunderstanding - I called him and had him on speakerphone in my car. He couldn't hear me at first so I said loudly and clearly, "Where are you?" and he insists I was yelling and it all stemmed from there and it ended with him kicking me out of his work, which he had invited me to come to today so I could bathe Splinter.

It was really intense and I don't know what to do right now.
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07:20am 26/10/2007
Crystal Tomaino
This is a friends-only journal. Comment to be added.
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